People have through our history considered our specie to be the crown in the creation. People, prone to self glorification as self proclaimed spokespersons, describing our superiority through art, architecture and music, et cetera. As a contrast to the self glorification of our specie, I make art that looks worse the closer you look at it, just as it with the non justified glorification of our specie. The contrast between a young woman sipping a cocktail in Monaco, and a young man killing someone in cold blood because he thought the other guy gave him a disrespectful look, someone having a 3 star Michelin meal in London, while others are ransacking garbage bins in Soweto hoping to find something to eat. Flaws and mistakes can sometimes be hidden, or disguised, but the closer we look…the truth will eventually stare back at us, with warts and all. Few things in life make it through the looking glass…my art reflects that.

As with life, my canvases are rough, rough like sandpaper. No straight line is straight when you take a closer look. No colour is presented by itself, theres always another colour interfering and disrupt every attempt to be a pretentious artist prone to self glorification.

PS: The ”frame” is not for display, it´s sole purpose is to protect the painting.